How to Configure FB Live via Zoom

Zoom Setup

1. In your browser, usually Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, go to and login the host account.

2. At the Zoom page, click the meeting tab at the left panel. Afterwhich, click the meeting name.

3. At the bottom of the Zoom meeting edit page, click the Live Stream link.

4. On the Live Streaming tab, click Configure Custom Streaming Service.

5. Fill in the required information with the following information:

Stream URL : rtmps://

Stream Key : _______

Live streaming page URL : ________

Facebook Setup

1. In your browser, usually Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, go to your Facebook (FB) page and click "Live"

2. On the FB Live page, make sure that "Use Stream Key" is selected in the "Get Started" panel.

3. Get the information you need for Zoom from this page.

3.1 Copy the Server URL from FB and paste it to Stream URL in Zoom

3.2.a. A Persistent stream key means that you are using the same stream key for all your FB Live streaming events.

This is useful if you have several events on schedule via Zoom. You can use the same stream key when configuring Zoom. Facebook will automatically stream your event once it detects a stream coming from the stream key.

When this is disabled, you will need to configure FB and Zoom at the same time, each time you have an event to be scheduled live.

3.2.b. Copy the FB Stream Key to the Zoom Stream Key

3.3. You can use either the standard FB live URL or the Live Video URL provided by FB. However, you need to complete the FB Live setup before the Live Video URL is created.

For University events, we use the standard FB live URL for easy recall,

Copy your preferred FB live URL to the Live streaming page URL in Zoom.

4. Select "Schedule a Live Video" if FB Live is configured in advance and indicate the date and time of broadcast.

5. Provide "Title" for the title of your video and the "Say something about this live video" as your caption for the FB Post.

6. You can also crosspost to other related pages and add your publication material for the event. There is a preview panel at the right so you can decide how the announcement appears in the FB feed.

7. Click the "Schedule Live Video" to finish the FB Live setup. FB will send notification to the FB Page admin 20 minutes before the scheduled FB Live event. When you click the notification, you will be able to video the feed coming from zoom. FB also gives the page admin an option to manually start the live broadcast but will also automatically start the live broadcast